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In an age when feminism and womanhood are the fabric of sales tapestry co-opted by male marketeers all around the world, it often feels rare that we stumble upon anything to the contrary. But over the last nine years, Adriana Giuffrida has emerged as just that — her label POMS empowers and emboldens in ways which reach farther than Ariana Grande’s #IWD2019 “Cloud Macchiato” courtesy of Starbucks, and every other rendition of woke capitalism which seems to have flooded the internet since.




A proposition of sincerity in all of its forms has seen POMS embrace a bulging cult following from all around the world. Adorning the faces of Beyonce, Solange, and Cara Delevingne, the brand emerges as a refreshing one; unwavering both in its vision and identity. “I don’t really lean to trends and what other people are doing,” mentions Adriana Giuffrida, founder of POMS.




“I found that culture really off-putting when working for some of the brands I worked for early on in my career. You’re all looking at the same websites; getting the same ideas, and it’s frustrating. So I just like to stay true to what I like, and continue to reference it,” she continues.



Celebrating a love for ‘90s iconography and Egyptian Talismans, as well as her European heritage, Adriana’s latest collection “ORO” features two new eyewear styles which include a collaboration with Romanian-born journalist, Sabina Socol. “I was following Sabina for some time on Instagram, and I loved her style,” Adriana tells us. “After a little while, she mentioned that she would love to do something together. And from there, it was a really organic series of conversations, where we were bouncing ideas off of each other and came up with the frame.” Using her European-Egyptian roots as a springboard for the collection, Adriana also introduces the namesake “ORO”, which couples a fine metal-rimmed frame with bold ‘80s design sensibilities; and marks the return of the GIRO, NUOVO, and handmade jewellery.