words by Emma Vidgen
photographs by Jack Grayson

Hank Hivnor is an artist, life coach and medium. Doingbird discovers what everyday life is like for fashion’s favourite clairvoyant.


Shit is getting real. We’re in the midst of a political and socio-economic fuck storm of epic proportions. The question is, who you gonna call? “Energy is shifting, and it’s making everyone kind of freak out and feel unstable…a lot of people are seeking validation. “Right now, people just really need guidance,” says Hank Hivnor, the artist, medium and healer based in Brooklyn, NY. “So what do you do? If you want to know the weather, you call the weatherman. If you want to know what’s going on in the universe, you call the psychic, so I think that’s what’s happening.”



Hank is the go-to for artists, creatives and fashion types in New York seeking advice on the spiritual weather front. He’s channelled the spirit of Nijinsky for Corine Roitfield’s CR Fashion Book and shown art work created whilst channelling Michael Jackson. “My favourite clients are artists. Somebody will have a passion for a certain artist, and I can bring that artist’s energy into the room,” Hanks says. “I really don’t expect them to talk to me, I just create this energetic perch for them to come and sit on.” Hank also draws on his intuitive gifts in his own creative outlets. “My art is psychic as well, it has a vibration that people interact with,” he says. But what is it like to just hang out and watch Netflix or go on a date when you’ve got a sixth sense? Here Hank tells Doingbird what it’s like to live with a sixth sense.


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You used to read in clubs and bars, is it different reading when people are fucked up?

It’s actually easier, because they’re much more open. I feel that they call it ‘spirits’ for a reason. Some of the people that would sit with me, in those circumstances were just vile, their energy was horrible, and their questions were terrible, but I would do my best to read them. At the end of the day, it didn’t really matter, because they’re just normal people looking for love.


I used to drink a lot and I was much more uninhibited with my information. I didn’t question myself at all, so I’d be very more direct and stuff with people. It’s interesting, I don’t regret getting sober at all. I’m very content, I’m much more functional, better functioning in the world, and I sleep better.

How do you let the right one in? I used to let spirits take over my body but I don’t do that so much any more…You do need to be very respectful. I’m extremely respectful when I approach these beings…I make it very comfortable for them, and I show them that I have good boundaries, and I’m respecting their space. So it’s sort of like an understanding that we have. Before a client comes, I do a lot of preparation. I meditate. I light candles and I say prayers to deities that are holding the space for me. I say things like, ‘Joe’s coming over, I’m lighting a candle!’ I kind of let everyone know, almost as if you’re telling your cat that your best friend’s coming over.

What is it like to date when you’re psychic?

It’s nice, because there’s more words than there used to be. People just used to just say, ‘Oh you’re a freak.’ Now there’s more understanding. I used to have a terrible fear and not tell anyone until like they were somehow connected with me. Like, ‘Oh, by the way, I’m psychic’. Now I don’t have any fear about it, so I tell people. People aren’t freaked out if I just present it like, ‘You know, it turns out I’m really good talking to people, so people come to my house and I hang out with them.’ That’s another way of saying it.


Have you ever “heard” something off-putting while you were on a date?

When I was more into cruising, and I would be at a bar with somebody, and I’d be about to go home with them, and then I would suddenly get this information, like, ‘Get the hell away from this person as fast as you can, go use the bathroom and then get out of here. Just make an excuse, walk out!’ And I would do that, but I wouldn’t know why.



Is it easier to date other woke types?

Lately, I have been encountering some of those people, and it really makes me not like spiritual people. Someone will read like 10 self-help books, and then they use that terminology to justify blowing someone off, or not showing up. It makes me want to date someone who’s just like a baseball player. I don’t hate sports, but…you’d never see me at a game. Although, it might be a lot more fun to date a baseball player than someone who has crystals in their house.

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