Text & photographs by Yusuke Abe (YARD) Translation by Eminata

March 2018, I started my journey to Langtang valley, 3514m from sea level, northwest of Nepal. A four day walk from a town called Syabrubesi, based at the foot of the mountain.


Famous for its tracking routes, this place has attracted mountaineers from all over the world to catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.


Passing through several small villages on the way to Langtang village, former Tibetans now known as the Tamang people welcome the Mountaineers to their lodges and restaurants.




The Tamang people still apply old traditions to their life in the mountain range. Food supplies and goods are carried on their backs to their homes, from villages at the base of the mountain. They are small-built people, around 160cm tall but easily carry the supplies that weigh over 50kg.

Arriving at Langtang valley, an old Tamang lady who has lived in this village since birth, welcomed me into her home. The kitchen was kept neat and clean, showing me the tidiness of the residents here.





Stepping out of the house looking down at the valley made me realize that I’ve come a long way from home. But the calmness of the villagers surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, being satisfied with what they have in life, relaxed my chaotically scrambled heart from the city life.